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My intro [23 Apr 2008|10:33pm]

Hello, everyone. I've just joined. I was just wondering if anyone had a problem with me (a girl) joining?

I was a subscriber to sean cody until financial issues got in the way, but I'd be willing to help anyone out. I have only 2 gigs worth. I'm a huge Garett fan.
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[19 Mar 2008|02:15pm]

My Survey : Sean CodyCollapse )
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more m+timberlake at the rock 'n roll hall of fame ceremony [10 Mar 2008|10:10pm]







Say what you will but she is looking mighty fierce.

Source / Source
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[21 Dec 2007|02:30pm]

Does anybody have any serge vids.

Him or berke,

both are so hot.
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Help a brotha out? [29 Oct 2007|04:03am]

Danny has got to be the HOTTEST thing I've ever seen.  Anyone know where I can get some good vids of him?  The things I'd do for them, well you don't wanna know ;) haha! 
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Billy [10 Sep 2007|03:25pm]

Hey can someone upload the Billy videos? Puh-lease!!!!!!!! :-D

I cant find them anywhere.
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New LJ syndication: seancody_feed [03 Aug 2007|11:16pm]

[ mood | autodonged ]

Dear All,

Because I use my powers only for good and for awesome, I have created an auto-updating Sean Cody RSS feed, which you can read here at LiveJournal by just friending seancody_feed.

I know, everyone just hits Reload on seancody.com about seventeen times a day; but I figure, just in case you forget, the feed will remind you of new stuff, within just a few hours of it going live on the site.

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[15 Jun 2007|11:06pm]

Where does everyone download their videos from? I use limewire but it sucks because I can never find the videos I want.

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11 'Rocky' Icons [29 Apr 2007|01:42pm]

I made 11 Rocky icons. (3 nudes) He is so hot! (If you leave a link of you fav picture in a comment i can icon it for you =]. Nudity is welcome.

i wanna ride rockyCollapse )
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Fileshares [14 Nov 2006|10:38pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Ok, I know NO ONE does this, but can anyone explain to me why I can't find any files after Slone on Limewire? I wanna see Boyd get his cherry popped!!

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[16 Oct 2006|02:12am]


The First Ever Gay Bloggies!!

See More » Other Stuff ,Site News

The First Ever Gay Bloggies by QueerClick!!

We've been teasing you guys whilst prepping ourselves for the big do.

QueerClick turns two (yep, we can finally walk!) this October and we've been thinking of a way to celebrate our big day. Should we all have a late summer vacation (but who is going to update QC and feed all our Royal Horninesses)? How about a BBQ (but we just had one last week and those love handles have just got to go!)...

Enter Gay Bloggies -- the gayest blogging competition in the world.

Inspired by the mainstream and very successful Bloggies: Weblog Awards, we've decided to come up with one specifically for the Gay community! Well, we're very straight friendly, but time for us to take centre-browser we say! (If you're straight and really want to give it a go, the Gay Friendy Award may be of interest.)

We intend to make this a yearly affair henceforth, where we have good, clean fun and reward the very best in our blogosphere. What better way is there to celebrate QueerClick's birthday?

There are some VERY ATTRACTIVE PRIZES to be won and QC will like to send a MASSIVE HAIRY MUSCLEY THANK YOU to our lovely Sponsors (all 32 of them!) who responded readily to our call to be part of this exciting event! You should get giddy just by looking at the many memberships you can win!

All 25 Award Winners will walk away with various site memberships and other prizes like apparel vouchers, QC Tees, videos, etc...

the BIGGIE which is the lucky Weblog of the Year Award Winner will walk away with:

1) US$1000 cash prize
2) A print advertising spot on JUB Magazine
3) 500,000 banner impressions on QueerClick.com
4) A custom-made "Cool As Click" QC Tee with your URL printed
5) A cock-quivering hamper of Memberships enough to last you through four seasons!! (We're talking about year-long memberships from many of these sponsors

If you've enjoyed a particular blog, this is the best time to express your support by nominating them. 5 lucky voters will also walk away with attractive prizes. So no one's left out! They win, you win! More details of prizes shall be announced.

You can feed on the nitty gritties (rules, regs and procedure) on the Gay Bloggies or dive straight into the action at the Nomination page. You DO NOT need to fill in all categories. Just nominate whoever you have in mind for any specific category. Feel free to nominate yourself! Don't be shy. Nomination closes on the 20th October. Our panel of judges will then comb through all nominations for the Top 5 contenders for each Category before opening it up for public voting at a later date.

Let the Gay Bloggies Nominations Begin!

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[05 Oct 2006|02:36pm]

I really love to see Ajay get fucked hard but I don't think Boyd was a good choice. He's kinda ugly, and I don't think really Ajay's type.

I want to see Ajay take it like a bitch from a fuck machine like Parker. That would be amazing.
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[20 Sep 2006|05:07pm]

Anyone recognize which video this is?

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Icons [29 Aug 2006|12:11pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello everyone,

I made some icons recently of various SC models and thought I'd post them here.

NSFW iconsCollapse )

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[11 Aug 2006|01:44am]

I realized today that Freddy and Ajay is probably the hottest thing on the site right now. Ajay is just a sexy beast and Freddy knows how to take it. Anyone else love these two together?
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[10 Aug 2006|06:12pm]

[ mood | curious ]

does anyone here has a straightcollegemen.com membership? I'm thinking of getting one and just wanted to ask a few questions.

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Sonny [02 Aug 2006|08:53am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

I love Sonny from straightcollegemen.com.

I have a little request.

I know he gets fucked/fucks himself with a banana in some of The Island clips, and was wondering if any of you kind souls had either or both of those clips abd would be willing to share. I got the hots for him today and need to satisfy the craving lol

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Request [01 Aug 2006|12:14am]

Can anyone put up downloads for any/ all of patricks work?
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Riley, etc Bailey and his Buddy [06 Jul 2006|02:41am]

Hey, been a long time "Lurker" on this community and was inspired after watching an old Sean Cody vid with Riley & Cameron to post something.

Does anyone else remember Riley, it hasnt been that long but man he was hot. He didn't have that classic body most SC models have but something about him really gets me going lol. Anyone else know what I'm talking about? lol. Maybe its because I could see him being a "real" stright guy.

And really some of the new guys...are just okay to me. I miss the old crew like Adam, Luke, *Dylan* and Zack.

Oh but I would love to see a "Bailey's Fuck Buddy part 2" where his friend is the top. Man to I love the one for some reason.
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AJAY! [19 Jun 2006|10:15am]

Ajay is an amazing top. It's nice to see a hot gay stud on Sean Cody.
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