Fernando (Leo) (mrtrblmkr1) wrote in seancodyfans,
Fernando (Leo)


Name: Fernando
Age: 19 going on 20
Why I Like Sean Cody.Com: Soooo many reasons, but largely due to Dylan, I think the first vid I watched was Jeremy & Dylan, after that, I had to see more. Fell in love with the dude just like Sean did.


Model: Evil question, honestly, but I gotta say a toss up between Patrick, Dominic, and Andrew.
Pair: Ajay & Boyd ATM.
Themed Episode(ex. The Brazilian Sauna): The Brazilian Sauna was soooo stupid, I'll just sc513 Desert Retreat Clark & Terry, 'tis the only other one (themed) I can think of.
Newbie(No further back than page 2): Argh, I wanted to say Owen but erm... Willis, very cute.

What do you want? More actual intimacy on the site; lately the pairing and scenes have become rough and cut, very dry and very work like. No actual lurve like in sc242 Davey (turned 19!!!) and Austin where they trully pleasured each other.

What pair would you like to see? Erm... Actually, I would like to see Owen topped by Boyd. Ever since Michael Horribly _raped_ Owen, I thought someone should owe up and give him the lovin' he trully deserves, Boyd seems just the guy to be rough yet supple.
What kind of episode would you like to see? Boyd & Owen, reinstating and then retaking Owen's Anal Virginity, that title explicitly.
What model do you want to see get his virgin straight boy ass pounded?
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Dylan FTW
woo! :D