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Sean Cody Fans

Sean Cody™ Fans
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Info: This community is dedicated to all things related to homosexual pornographer Sean Cody. His site has been running for 5 years now, and he's won the "Cybersocket Award; Best Amateur Site by Surfer's Choice".

Rules: This is not a closed community, however I ask that all photos with nudity be placed under an LJ-Cut with a description of what it is. All posts must be in accordance with LiveJournal's ToA and can not violate the rules. Anyone who posts something without following the rules will be banned instantly and reported to Live Journal.com's security team. Fighting amoung members will not be tolerated, take it elsewhere. Posting personal pictures is not tolerated. This is not a porn trading community. Also, small pet peeve but please write in a coherent manner using enough grammar so that I don't want to beat you over the head with Seth's nutsac. All posts must be related to Sean Cody.com or one of the affiliated web sites listed below. Thanks! Enjoy posting!

Memories: I'm bookmarking everything for each section of the community such as stuff like photo postings, questions, etc. etc. You can find that here: Memories

Affiliates: In addition to Sean Cody, there are a number of other companies/pornographers worth including. Below are the list of affiliates related to this community.

+ Straight College Men.com

+ Jet Set 2000 (Productions).com

+ Falcon Studios (Productions).com

Survey: I've taken the time to compose a survey, 1 for Sean Cody, 1 for 2SCM, and 1 for the two productions companies for new members who want to just let us know what you like. Feel free (infact it'd be cool if you would) to post pictures along with your answers. ♥




If your community is related to this one, please let me know and I'll list you here under the user info.

Maintainer: Unmoded community

Promotion: Here's a promo banner I made that you can use:

The code for it is here, just copy and paste:

2scm, 3 ways, american porn star, anal, audition time, balls, blowing marc, blowjobs, boston paul, brody, circumsized, cocks, cut, cybersocket awards, dean, dicks, dylan, ellis, falcon studios, fuckfests, gay guys, gay porn, henry, jerk off contests, jerk-offs, jet set, jocks, low hangers, mardi gras, matt from 2scm, muscles, oral, orgies, patrick, pornographers, pornography, pubes, rick, sean cody, seth, shaved, solos, spring break, straight college men, straight guys, suckfests, tag eriksson, the brazilian sauna, the hawaii trip, the hole, uncut, wes, zack & isaak